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We offer a wide selection of products and services that include: t-shirt printing, vinyl printing, full colour transfer and much more.

We currently offer the following printing techniques:

Vinyl printing

Vinyl printing comes in multiple colours, textures, and patterns such as mattes, neons, animal prints and glow in the dark. Vinyl can be applied to dark or light garments but does limit the type of artwork that can be used.

The process involves digitally tracing your design on our software and running it through a vinyl cutter before heat pressing your design to your garment.

Full colour transfer printing

Heat transfer printing takes a high resolution image and prints it onto a special transfer paper, which is then applied with a heat press. Full colour transfer prints vibrant, images and logos of various sizes and can adhere to nearly any fabric from cotton & polyester to waterproof rain wear.

Transfer system is for printing coloured text, logos and freeform designs onto light & dark garments, fabrics, and promotional items.

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing dissipates ink through heating, as opposed to transfers which uses paper and is best used on synthetic clothing, mugs and plates. Sublimation is recommended for reproduction of photographs.

Sublimation colour infuses the transfer paper so is less vulnerable to fading and distortion over time.

Swarovski Finishes

Swarovski is recognized as the world’s best rhinestones. Swarovski uses a 14 facet cut stone, where as other brands still have the eight cut style.

Swarovski Hotfix crystals are used only for fabrics and are applied using a heat applicator tool.

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